Moon Palace Jamaica – An Escape to Paradise

Moon Palace Jamaica Review

In the heart of the Caribbean, where the turquoise waters of the Jamaican coast meet the golden shores, there lies a haven of indulgence and tranquility – Moon Palace Jamaica. Nestled in the pristine landscapes of Ocho Rios, this all-inclusive resort is more than just a destination; it’s a retreat into the lap of luxury. Why do we love Moon Palace Jamaica so much? Well, I’m thrilled you asked! Let me give you the lowdown on why this place has won our hearts as the top pick in the all-inclusive game.

In the tumultuous year of 2020, when the world was in the grip of a global pandemic, my life took an unexpected turn. Stuck in Germany with my partner Max, we received the heart-wrenching news that my father had been diagnosed with cancer. Faced with the challenge of returning to the United States during these uncertain times, we embarked on a journey that led us to the Moon Palace Jamaica.

Our peculiar predicament demanded a strategic approach due to the COVID-19 regulations. With Max being a German passport holder, we discovered the only way for him to enter the U.S. was by spending 14 days in a country open for tourism. And that’s how we found ourselves at the Moon Palace Jamaica, a sanctuary in the Caribbean sun, where 14 days unfolded into an unexpected adventure.

Top Gems of Moon Palace That Stole Our Hearts

First things first, the Moon Palace Jamaica Resort is a 5-star experience on a 4-star budget! The Moon Palace Jamaica is a sprawling oasis that instantly gives off a luxurious vibe. This place truly makes you feel as if you ARE the rich and famous. The vast and expansive grounds coupled with an abundance of pools to choose from, creates an atmosphere of tranquility that is as expansive as the Caribbean Sea itself. It’s the kind of place where you can lose yourself in the beauty of your surroundings. And, the décor, Immaculate is an understatement. The Moon Palace Jamaica doesn’t just boast aesthetic appeal; it’s a visual feast. Every nook and cranny seem to have been meticulously designed, creating an ambiance that seamlessly blends luxury with comfort. It’s a haven for those seeking a respite from the chaos outside its borders.

And then there’s the food. Oh, the glorious, delectable fare that awaited us at every turn. Moon Palace Jamaica takes the concept of all-inclusive dining to a whole new level. From tantalizing local dishes to international culinary delights, every meal was a journey of flavors. The chefs at Moon Palace Jamaica have mastered the art of turning every dining experience into a memorable event.

The true soul of Moon Palace Jamaica, however, lies in its staff. In a world gripped by uncertainty, their warmth and kindness were beacons of light. From the moment we stepped foot on the resort, we were greeted with genuine smiles and a willingness to make our stay unforgettable. The staff’s commitment to excellence goes beyond duty – it’s a testament to the genuine hospitality that Moon Palace Jamaica is renowned for.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the beds. You might think, “Why focus on the beds?” Well, my friend, when you’ve spent a considerable amount of time globetrotting, you come to realize that a good night’s sleep is a luxury in itself. Moon Palace Jamaica understands this and delivers with beds that redefine comfort. Trust me when I say, those 14 nights were the most rejuvenating sleep of my life.


Relax and unwind in any of the room categories, where you’ll find a daily-refreshed minibar, super comfy beds, and the convenience of 24/7 room service.

  1. Deluxe Resort View: Comfortable rooms with views of the resort grounds.
  2. Deluxe Ocean View: Rooms offering scenic views of the Caribbean Sea.
  3. Family Deluxe Suite: Spacious accommodations designed for families, often with additional sleeping options.
  4. Concierge Level: Rooms with upgraded amenities and access to exclusive services.
  5. Presidential Suite: Luxurious and expansive suites with premium features.

Dining Options

Asian Cuisine

  • Momo – This popular Pan-Asian eatery presents a tempting array of freshly crafted sushi, skillfully prepared by experienced sushi chef. Alternatively, savor the delectable and captivating presentation of hibachi delights. Both options showcase a delightful Jamaican touch, infusing a local twist into these beloved traditional dishes.

Italian cuisine

  • Góndola – Indulge in a harmonious blend of Italian flavors that orchestrates a distinctive dining encounter at the intersection of contemporary Jamaica and timeless Italy.
  • Sundeck – Revel in the mesmerizing vistas of the Caribbean Sea as you treat yourself to these Italian delights, a sublime addition to your evening in paradise. Sink your teeth into the authenticity of homemade pizzas, delectable pastas, and more, all expertly paired with your favorite cocktail. Delight in the enchanting panorama of Jamaica from the charming deck, turning your dining experience into a rewarding escape.

Jamaican, International Cuisine & Seafood

  • Pier 8 – Immerse yourself in open-air dining saturated with tropical flavors and the freshest ingredients. Explore the authenticity of Jamaican cuisine with a taste of traditional dishes that captivate the extraordinary flavors rooted in the country’s culinary heritage.
  • Buccaneers Reef – Dive into a tempting selection of specialties, drawing inspiration from Jamaica and diverse corners of the world, available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Indulge in this buffet-style restaurant, where you can savor these delights as many times as your heart desires.

Snacks, coffee dessert and more!

  • Boulangerie – Picture a charming and breezy Parisian café tucked around the corner, where a delightful array of fresh pastries, crepes, flavored coffees, ice cream, and more awaits you—24 hours a day.
  • Gourmet Corner – For guests on the move, uncover a tempting assortment of pizza, sushi, and paninis nestled in a snug corner just steps away from the lobby. Relish the laid-back ambiance, featuring swift-service dining, comfortable seating, and the welcoming embrace of Jamaican warmth.
  • Jerk Hut – Delight in the distinct flavors of Jamaican Jerk and other local delicacies, authentically crafted, as you sip on a refreshing cocktail and take in the breathtaking views of Ocho Rios.
  • Snack bar and grill – Indulge in the thrilling flavors of jerk chicken at this laid-back beachfront bar, offering an array of delightful snacks freshly prepared with an authentic Jamaican recipe – an experience bound to leave you craving for more. Enhance your enjoyment by pairing your preferred snack with a revitalizing cocktail beneath the warm embrace of the Caribbean sun.

Who says fun is only for adults? Moon Palace Jamaica has truly thought of everything! They have crafted a wholesome baby purée menu for the youngest of guests, incorporating only the freshest and healthiest ingredients. You can easily place your order in advance via phone and have these nutritious delights delivered directly to your room or desired restaurant (or have your travel agent call and do it for you!).

Bars and Nightlife

At night, The Moon Palace Jamaica transforms into a hub of nocturnal allure, offering a spectrum of bars and nightlife experiences that cater to every mood and taste. Whether you’re seeking the rhythmic beats of a lively dance floor, the intimate ambiance of a chic cocktail lounge, or the laid-back charm of a beachfront bar, Moon Palace Jamaica promises an extraordinary journey through its diverse nocturnal landscape.

  • Loud Bar – Are you eager to stay updated on your beloved team or catch the major game? Uncover this sports sanctuary stocked with your premium favorites and join in on the thrill as you passionately cheer for your team.
  • Noir – Noir becomes the ultimate destination until the wee hours, pulsating with beats from skilled DJs that ensure you dance the night away. Glide into chic, exclusive VIP spaces crafted for stylish comfort, offering premium drinks to keep the energy alive.
  • Piano Bar – Whether you fancy yours stirred, not shaken; dry or with a hint of sweetness; chocolate, banana, or guava-infused, there’s a Martini here tailored just for you. Elevate your evening with delightful sips, engaging conversations, and the melodious tunes of the piano in the sole bar of its kind on the island.
  • Lobby Bar – A sophisticated lobby bar, situated just off the main lobby, to rejuvenate indoors with a meticulously crafted cocktail or a glass of fine wine.
  • Wet Bar – Enhance your Caribbean glow as the bartender pampers you with premium cocktails, all while enjoying the impeccable views – no need to step out of the pool!

Kids/Teen Programs

  • The Playroom – Give your littles the vacation they’ve always dreamed of at The Playroom Kids Club. This haven for little guests boasts state-of-the-art gaming and immersive play experiences. Allow them to roam freely, reassured by the constant supervision of the trained staff.
  • The Dreamery – An innovative concept crafted to guarantee the ultimate vacation experience for the youngest of guests on their beach days. Packed with surprises, games, delectable treats, refreshing drinks, tailored activities, and special amenities just for them.
  • Wired Lounge – Visit the Wired Lounge, an arcade tailored for kids, teens, and adults and engage in endless gaming sessions with an array of popular console video games. And for those moments of hunger, rest assured – a snack menu featuring both sweet treats and savory bites is available.


Embark on an infinite journey of adventure at Moon Palace Jamaica! Immerse yourself in the boundless wonders of nature, from the shimmering allure of waterfalls to the enchanting mysteries of the underwater world. Whether you crave the exhilaration of diving into the depths or the tranquility of uncovering hidden gems, there are activities curated for every explorer. Allow your adventurous spirit to guide the way! Explore an up-to-date list of excursions offered at Moon Palace Jamaica.


Immerse yourself in the magnificence of the island’s largest spa, where skilled hands guarantee an exhilarating journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, and reenergization. Dive into a world of choice, from a spectrum of massages and facials to luxurious body wraps and other splendid treatments. Indulge in the ultimate bliss with an optional hydrotherapy adventure, ensuring your spa experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our Experience

In the midst of personal turmoil, Moon Palace Jamaica became our sanctuary. It provided a backdrop of serenity as we navigated the storm in our lives. Discover the tale of how we found ourselves at Moon Palace, compelled to embrace a 14-day stay.

The resort’s charm, warm hospitality, and indulgent offerings made our stay truly memorable. We loved exploring each and every one of the restaurants, with each meal being a delightful experience. The hibachi table provided a fun-filled highlight, and Max had a great time learning to surf on the FlowRider, even if it did result in a broken toe.

Our days were filled with activities like snorkeling and capped off delicious cocktails! With ample time on our hands, we appreciated the quality and affordability of this fantastic resort as we leisurely explored its every corner.

Tap into my wealth of travel experience and expertise and let me guide you to create an unforgettable vacation!